Let's be real, the only redeeming thing about commuting is the fact that the further you go, the more affordable it gets. No, we're not talking about the cost of your commute, we're talking about how much you can save on housing once you leave the city's core.

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Don't believe us? Just ask the experts at Zoocasa. The real estate listing site looked at the average cost of sold homes within a 2 km radius of GO Transit's 66 stations in the GTHA. From there, Zoocasa looked at the average commute times from each station to rank the neighbourhoods on affordability.

Unsurprisingly, the neighbourhoods that offered the most value also happened to have the longest commutes.

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According to Zoocasa managing editor, Penelope Graham, some of the least expensive options were on the Lakeshore West line. Homes near West Harbour station averaged $365,927 and came with a 71-minute commute into downtown Toronto. Homes near Hamilton station came in third for affordability with an average purchase price of $414,372 for a 72-minute commute.

Interestingly, the most expensive neighbourhoods weren't necessarily the closest to downtown Toronto. The average cost of a home near King City station went for $1,595,656 and came with a 43-minute commute. The station with the second most expensive house prices was Port Credit with homes averaging $1,361,029. The average commute time from Port Credit is, however, considerably shorter at just 25 minutes.

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For those hoping to save money and time, Etobicoke North station is your best bet. The Kitchener Line station has an average commute time of 26 minutes and homes in the area average $545,152. York University station is the second most affordable neighbourhood for commutes under 30 minutes with homes averaging $563,416.

If you're willing to travel a little longer, Cooksville has homes for just $473,874 and a commute time of 33 minutes. And if you can deal with a 50-minute commute, you can buy a home off of the Lakeshore East line in Oshawa for $482,794.

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“Purchasing a home close to a GO station can be rewarding,” says Hassan Shahid, Zoocasa agent in the York Region. “Professionals working downtown can enjoy a smooth, convenient commute to and from work and homeowners in general benefit from stable property appreciation in these areas due to the constant real estate demand.”

Check out Zoocasa's full map below to see the cost of homes along GO Transit's 66 stations below:

Home Prices By GO station