You've likely heard that the best season to sell a home is the spring. It makes sense: people are getting out more after a long winter, the leaves are coming back, flowers are blooming, and there's a sense of renewal and cheer in the air as the weather gets warmer.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wait until the second quarter of the year before you can plant a For Sale sign on your front lawn. In fact, the fall season has its own set of perks when it comes to selling successfully.

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Here are some reasons why you may want to get your home ready for the market and list this coming fall:

Less Competition Among Other Sellers

As the warmer weather dies down in the fall, there tends to be less competition in the market. Parents often want to be settled in their new homes before the school year starts. This can be a huge advantage for you, as it can help you sell more quickly at the price point you want.

Buyers Are Ready to Make a Deal

The spring and summer seasons often attract buyers who are simply scoping out the market before they make a move. Those looking in the fall are typically ready to hunker down and do what needs to be done to find the right house and put in an offer. After all, most people want to be settled in a new home by the time December rolls around.

There Are Other Buyers Besides Families Looking to Purchase

While the fall might not be the opportune time for people with children to move to a new home, there are plenty of other buyers who are unaffected by the new school year. Millennials, urban professional singles, baby boomers, and retirees may choose to wait for this less competitive season to arrive before they start their house hunt.

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The Curb Appeal of Fall

While the spring season offers the opportunity to spruce up a home's exterior with freshly planted flowers, Mother Nature has plenty to offer in the fall. All those brilliant oranges, greens, reds, and yellows can certainly boost curb appeal, which is a crucial component to attracting buyers.

You Might Have More Options as a Buyer

The fall season can also benefit those on the buying end of a transaction. As September comes to a close, there are still homes on the market left over from the summer season. Buyers may be in position to snag a better deal as sellers are anxious to get their homes off their hands.

Final Thoughts

Right now, the average selling price in the GTA is $792,611, according to TREB, which marks a 3.6% jump from the same time last year. With mortgage rates still rather low, buyers may have more incentive to jump into the market before rates start to rise. With smart home staging, an effective marketing strategy, and the right real estate team behind you, there's no reason why the fall season shouldn't be the ideal time for you to put your home up for sale.