Screen shot 2018 05 03 at 9 The Cry Closet at the University of Utah (Photo courtesy of via @aJackieLarsen)

First it was therapy puppy play dates, now it's cry closets. These closets are apparently helping college kids relieve stress. You must have a closet at your place. Maybe you can try this at home ...

It all started when the University of Utah wanted to answer the question: "What to do with crying students?"

Recently a student's tweet went viral when she shared a photo of a "cry closet" installed in the school's library during final preparations.

The closet has a narrow door, a dark lining, plush floor — and stuffed animals.

On the outside of the door, there's a sign that reads: "A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students."

It goes on ...

"This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break."

The closet will be taken down the week following finals.

Therapy tactics and mental health initiatives like these receive different reactions.

While some approve of the intention to improve student well-being, others claim it doesn't properly prepare students for work-life management.

So how helpful is this cry closet? Why not throw a few stuffed animals into a closet at home or work and try it out — or cry it out, as it were.