Forget everything you've heard about legalization making travel more difficult for Canadians. According to the new Passport Index, the Canadian passport is the fourth most powerful in the world.

Despite reports of Canadians being turned away from the American border due to marijuana consumption, the Canadian passport maintained it's spot on the coveted list after jumping up two spots last year.

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Having a "powerful" passport means the passport holders have more freedom to travel. According to Arton Capital, who created the list, power is determined by the number of countries the passport holder is permitted to enter visa-free.

Canada tied with Ireland, Belgium, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom with a visa-free score of 164.

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The United Arab Emirates has the most powerful passport with a visa-free score of 167. Germany, last year's winner dropped down to second place with a score of 166.

Despite the fact that cannabis is legal in Canada, it is still illegal to travel across the Canadian border with marijuana. Even if it's legal at your destination. This also includes prescription cannabis products.

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You may also be denied entry at your destination based on your use of or history of cannabis use.

As a traveller, you should inquire about the cannabis laws of your destination country before departure—despite the power status of your passport.