A developer is eyeing the site of a 30-storey rental building in the west end of Toronto as the location for a new skyscraper that would bring hundreds of condo units to the area.

A development application filed with the City of Toronto last month calls for the construction of a 49-storey tower at 25 Mabelle Avenue in Etobicoke, just across the rail corridor from Islington subway station. The new tower would rise on the western portion of the property, currently home to a number of trees and a tennis court, while the rental tower occupies the eastern side.

Topping out at 153 m, the new tower would house 580 residential units with over 800 sq. ft of retail space on the ground floor. Underground, there would be five levels of parking with 408 spaces. Interestingly, the parking lot of the existing building currently extends over to the western side of the property, but the application documents note that that portion of the parking would be demolished to make way for the new garage.

1664872062489Rendering: BDP. Quadrangle

This isn't the first tower that's been proposed for the site. Back in 2018, the developer filed plans for a 55-storey tower with 606 condo units, but after no decision was made by the City of Toronto, the application was appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (now the Ontario Land Tribunal). The plan was then scaled down to 49-storeys to reduce shadows on the nearby Etobicoke Collegiate Institute field, with just 486 units proposed. In November of last year, the Tribunal issued a decision approving the application in principal, pending confirmation of its final design which, evidently, now includes more residential units.

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Designed by BDP. Quadrangle, new renderings of the tower were also released this week, revealing a five-storey podium clad in glass and a white exterior material that matches the tower up above. This is a change from previous iterations which called for brick to be used on the podium. The tower itself is has an interesting asymmetric shape complete with unusual curved balconies.

This is the latest in a series of transformative developments coming to Etobicoke. In fact, the site immediately east of the new development, at 9 Mabelle Avenue, was recently redeveloped with three new towers, reaching 35, 44, and 44 storeys in height. The tower at 25 Mabelle, if given the official green light, will be the tallest in the area.

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