Anyone who has gone though the gruelling home-buying process in today’s insanely competitive and dramatic real estate climate (the 1% set excluded) knows it can be an extremely defeating process.

And that’s putting it lightly.

If there’s any consolation, it’s the reality that you’re not alone in the sentiment. In fact, there may even come a day when you can look back and laugh at the experience. And that day may just be today.

In a recent YouTube video, comic Trey Kennedy outlines the five stages of homeownership with a hilarious and all-too-accurate portrayal of the good, bad, and ugly of the homeownership process – but mostly, the bad and ugly.

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Naturally, the video begins with the hopeful and borderline-euphoric house hunting experience, which can go south quickly once the frustrating reality of today’s red-hot, record-breaking housing market sets in. At that point, as aptly demonstrated by Kennedy, the spiral starts – along with the lowering of standards and expectations (a tough pill to swallow for some).

“Someone’s dad just came in and offered $100K over the asking price all in cash. They backed up a literal money truck,” says a voiceover of a real estate agent, a reference to the reality that most first-time homebuyers have help from the bank of mom and dad. The video also questions the actual role of real estate agents relative to their hearty commissions.

Kennedy goes on to touch upon everything from the realities of home inspections and temporary homelessness, to coaxing friends to help with the move with offers of cheap beer and pizza "for six hours of manual labour."

He also highlights the inevitable set-in of realizations that there will be no landlord to fix appliances and that everyday home maintenance (i.e. taking out garbage on garbage day and shovelling snow) are now part of the equation.

Finally – in something to which those who purchased older homes can relate – Kennedy touches upon the maddening reality of perpetual DIY repair projects around the home. “Pretty ironic we have a fixed mortgage when everything around here is broken,” is among one of the videos plentiful LOL-inducing one-liners.

Those who have all but given up on the prospect of owning a home may feel better about their renter status after watching the video.  

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