Hopefully, you haven't gotten too used to the clear skies we've been seeing lately, as another round of "messy" winter weather is headed back to Toronto.

This weekend's weather will definitely be less impactful as some of the previous weekends in January, however, The Weather Network says, "a couple of weak clipper systems will bring periods of wet snow through Sunday."

But, it's next week's weather we should really be cautious of, as a much bigger system is expected to threaten the region by mid-week.

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Above-seasonal temperatures are expected to continue on Friday, with a weak system that will bring light flurries into the region throughout the afternoon.

As we move into the weekend and the start of the new month, the messy weather will return, marking the fourth weekend in a row of serious winter weather.

According to The Weather Network, the first system will track across southern Ontario late Saturday, with the second moving across central sections of the province through the day on Sunday.

Heading into Sunday, temperatures will also be milder, with most places seeing daytime highs rise above the freezing mark.

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However, by next week, The Weather Network expects another round of winter weather to make its way into the region.

"A period of messy weather is expected for the middle of next week as a cold front slowly sinks south across our region," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "A couple of systems will also track along the cold front and bring moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into our region."

While the precipitation will likely begin as rain, The Weather Network says there's a chance for a transition over to freezing rain or more snow as colder air sinks into the region.

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With the end of winter nowhere in sight, remember that regardless of the snow amounts, homeowners and property owners are responsible for clearing ice and snow from nearby and adjacent sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, steps, ramps, and landings within 12 hours of snowfall to provide safe access for people and vehicles.

According to the municipal by-law: “every owner or occupant of any building must, within 12 hours after any fall of snow, rain or hail has ceased, clear away and completely remove snow and ice from any sidewalk on any highway in front of, alongside or at the rear of the building.”

And not only will clearing the ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of your home or business make it safer for everyone but it will also help you avoid a fine.

According to the City of Toronto, the fine for not clearing snow from private property is $455 plus a $115 surcharge, for a total of $570.

Additionally, the fine for not clearing snow from public property is $100 plus $25 surcharge, for a total of $125, as per the city’s Snow and Ice Clearing Bylaw.