BC Storm: YVR Suspends All Flights, Drivers Urged To Stay Home

After much of Metro Vancouver woke up to an additional 20 cms of snow on Tuesday, YVR announced it was suspending all flights in or out.


Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey Residents Can Be Fined For Not Shovelling Snow

Here's how much Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey snow removal bylaws allows the City to fine you if you don't shovel your sidewalks.


How Climate Change is Affecting Property Insurance, Mortgages, and Buyers

Extreme weather events are increasingly common due to climate change, and it can have big effects on home buyers, impacting things like property insurance.


Droughts, Floods, and Storms Could Cost Canada $139B by 2050

A report by global professional services firm GHD cautions that droughts, floods, and storms could cost Canada billions by 2050.


Extreme Heat Effects Worse for Immigrants and Low-Income Neighbourhoods

Marginalized communities are most likely to be impacted by heat waves, according to a new interactive data tool.


Toronto Smashed an 80-Year-Old Heat Record Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday broke heat records in Toronto, one of which was more than 80 years in the making.