If you had high hopes to beat Toronto’s relentless heat at one of the city’s most popular beaches, you may want to call up a friend with a pool instead (or rent one from a stranger's backyard).

Three breezy beaches -- Marie Cutis Park East Beach, Sunnyside Beach, and Cherry Beach -- have been closed by the City of Toronto due to E. coli concerns. The move was made after regular testing of E. coli levels on June 28. 

This means that the city’s beachgoers will have to choose from 8 of Toronto’s supervised 11 beaches that are currently open to swimmers (at least, for the time being, they are): Centre Island Beach, Ward’s Island Beach, Woodbine Beach, Kew Balmy Beach, and Bluffer’s Beach Park. As always, they can check the quality of the water at their local beach online.

Should the sun decide to make an appearance, the City’s open beaches will inevitably be more crowded than they already are until the three beaches are deemed safe -- especially now that restless residents are making up for time lost over the past 15 months. 

In the meantime, it would really help the cooling off cause if condo pools would safely open to residents this summer.