From our cell phones, Smart TVs, and streaming services, to the apps we use to book everything from takeout to dog daycare and kids’ swim classes, we’ve never been more connected.

Now, one savvy developer is focused on incorporating all that smart technology and those tech-heavy design features into their new builds so owners can be more fulfilled, focused, and connected to the home they live in.

Just minutes from the Burlington waterfront and within walking distance to stores, parks, trails and schools,Tyandaga Heights on The Park has unique built-in features that meet the changing needs of families living in an unprecedented time. From incorporated home design features perfect for growing families to intuitive technologies that save time and money, National Homes has developed a whole collection of bright ideas to make every day in your home a little more rewarding. 

Its new community of 210 units, including townhomes and semi-detached homes, are being custom-built with “the new normal” of the COVID era in mind. That means properties with ample space for working from home -- many complete with the ever-important home office space -- plus each property has a backyard or large, private terrace.

Think of it as the “Burlington Bonus”: A sizable yard, ample extra space to stretch out, in the bustling GTA community -- all at relatively affordable prices compared to the downtown core.

Here’s a look at some of the forward-thinking design elements and home tech features that are taking this development to the next level -- you know,right where you should be.

Home Technology that Anticipates Your Needs

The intuitive home technology starts at the front door, with the option of a smart lock controlled by your smartphone or the touch of your finger. Also available as an option is a ring video doorbell system with smartphone connectivity that lets you not only see who is on your front doorstep, but allows you to speak to them as well; a convenient factor when you’re tied up away from the front door… or just don’t want anyone to see what you wear on the bottom in Zoom meetings.

The homes at Tyandaga feature a full cloud-based Home Hub system. The Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Smart Home Hub lets you make calls, set timers and alarms, check news, traffic and weather PLUS directly set up and control all of your smart home devices. It’s also compatible with the smart lights, thermostats, locks, and more within the home.

Cost-Efficient Energy Savers

The homes at Tyandaga Heights are also poised to include the addition of state-of-the-art WiFi enabled smart home thermostats, so you can control the temperature and your heating and cooling costs, simultaneously. If implemented, air flow can be controlled with quiet, energy-efficient Panasonic smart ventilation.

Smart lighting is also available throughout the homes, which means you can turn lights on and off from any room. Lights can be activated using the voice commands of Alexa, or through a remote app on your smartphone or device.

Get Organized!

Tyandaga Heights has incorporated high-end organizational features you’d otherwise pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to have custom built.

That starts with an in-unit garbage and recycling centre. There’s three simple separate containers that make sorting before trash day a whole lot easier, keeping all your post-consumables conveniently in the same location, and out of sight. 

Now comes the piece de resistance: The dreamy walk-in closet organizer. With rotating, extending footwear storage, this option is every shoe-lover’s dream. With large built-in bureaus, plus floor-to-ceiling cubbies, customizable shelves and clothing racks, everything you need to keep your clothes and gear decluttered and organized is at your fingertips -- letting you focus on what’s really important. 

Must-Haves for Busy Family Living

Understanding that family life can get chaotic and -- let's be real --messy, each unit has a “Drop Zone” by the garage door complete with a multitude of cubbies and hooks. With custom storage units geared to hold footwear, coats and outerwear, you can permanently banish those big messes of gear and clutter by the door.

The built-in family centre serves a multitude of functions: Reading nook, study hangout and home office. The multi-function desk features a white board and smart charging pods for all your devices. It’s also got floating shelves that can be adjusted to the height of what you want to display, meaning they can change as your needs do for every stage of family life.

Water Works

The in-home technology extends to the kitchen, where you could have a smart faucet that is activated with a simple wave of your hand. The Moen Motionsense allows you to work hands-free, making your day-to-day cooking and cleaning so much more convenient. 

In the bathroom, control your shower and bathtub with an optional smart shower system. The Moen Shower lets you start the water by using only your voice from any home in the room, and give detailed directions -- including setting water at a certain temperature or activating steam therapy -- letting you create a daily wellness routine in your own home.

With thoughtful features that make life so much easier, you can start thinking about the future in your new home, and being closer to the things that matter. 

To find out more about Tyandaga Heights on the Park, and to register, clickhere.

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