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While there weren't any TTC subway closures last weekend, there was some pretty serious delays and congestion. To make matters worse, this weekend the TTC is back on track with annoying track maintenance.

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This weekend will see two major modifications to the subway system. First, and most significantly, is a weekend-long closure from St. Clair West to Union. Second, there will be an early closure on Line 1 between Union and King station on Sunday night.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Street Parking

TTC, in co-ordination with Toronto Police Service, will temporarily restrict on-street parking on Spadina Road between Bloor and Dupont streets to keep transit and vehicular traffic flowing as smoothly as possible for all road users.

What’s Closed

There will be no subway service on Line 1 between St. Clair West and Union stations on Saturday and Sunday, due to signal upgrades. That covers St. Andrew, Osgoode, St. Patrick, Queen’s Park, Museum, St. George, Spadina and Dupont terminals.

TTC Subway Closure

How To Navigate The Closure

Shuttle buses will operate along the normal subway route along University Ave. Buses will stop at all the regular subway station stops, just outside the typical zone. TTC operators will direct you where to wait in line.

The Yonge side of Line 1 is still operational, so you can travel north and south along there as an alternative.

You can also take bus 7 from Bathurst station which runs parallel to the west side of Line 1 north of Bloor.

Dupont and Museum stations will be closed. All other stations within the closure area will be open for the sale of fares and connection to surface routes

How To Pay

If you’re paying with PRESTO during the subway closure just tap your card when you first board the TTC.

If you are transferring from the subway to a shuttle bus or from a shuttle bus to the subway don’t tap your PRESTO card again. Unlike normal subway to bus transfers, shuttle buses do not need a second tap.

Cash and token fares will still be accepted on the shuttle bus, which will get you a transfer onto the subway (and vice versa).

All normal service will resume on the Monday after the weekend.