Good news, Toronto. We are ready to hop in that DeLorean with Doc and Marty McFly. Toronto is officially one of the most future-proof cities in the world.

The city's "future-proofing" capacity, means Toronto is positioned to be successful long-term — and it's the only Canadian city to crack the top-10.

On the list, researched by JLL's Cities Research Center for its City Momentum Index (2018), Toronto placed ninth out of 131 cities. Vancouver comes in 19th and Montreal in 26th place.

Screen shot 2018 06 13 at 8 (Image courtesy of JLL City Momentum Index 2018 Edition)

The project explains:

Future-proofing Future economic strength and real estate momentum over the longer term are likely to be partially determined by the quality of a city’s education infrastructure, its innovation capability, environmental sustainability and the strength of its technology sector. This index includes a weighted score of the presence of the world’s top universities, international patent applications, air quality, public transport infrastructure, third-party indices of the innovation economy, and the presence of technology firms.

Of note, while Toronto places very respectably as one of the world's most future-proofed cities, it did not make its presence known on the other JLL list: Short-Term Momentum.

To be on that list, the city would have had to a significant spike in population ... And we have enough people standing on streetcars and looking for homes already ...