It has been a long year and a long spring. Thankfully, we're coming up on a long weekend that may actually act like the time of year it truly is -- namely just a month shy of the official start of summer.

This past weekend was a glorious reminder of just how much good weather can help a bad situation. Thousands of residents who might have otherwise found themselves homebound for the weekend instead had the chance to stretch their legs on the open streets and in the city's 1,500 parks (all while maintaining safe social distancing protocols... we hope).

And now, according to The Weather Network, it seems as if the upcoming long weekend may be bringing even more of the heat, with temperatures peaking just short of 30°C over the next several days and a 'feels like' rating reaching up to 34°C on Saturday and Sunday.

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While these high temperatures do bring with them the chance of thunderstorms, we'd rather be singing in the (warm) rain than face another cold weekend spent huddled inside (we've had enough of those for a lifetime, thank you very much).

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So get your mask ready, sanitize those hands, and start planning your outdoor excursions this week. With more than half of the City having already received their first vaccination, it's starting to feel like summer might actually mean being able to see your friends again (outside, and following protocol, naturally).