Toronto can change quickly. Usually, when it comes to politics it doesn't change that fast. But it's amazing how swiftly politics can move when it wants to.

In fact, things change so fast that you may not even know which ward you live in anymore, come the municipal election this fall.

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Earlier this month, Doug Ford's provincial government voted to cut the number of city councillors from 47 to 25. The Better Local Government Act (Bill 5), passed easily with 71 votes to 39.

And we already have Toronto's new ward map.

So now you can better determine where your vote will go this civic election — or at least determine who is running in your ward.

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The new wards match those of the provincial ridings, with only 25 districts, a drop from its previous 47 wards.

But as fast as things change in government and politics, there is still the possibility they can revert.

The City of Toronto has voted to take the provincial to court in hopes of stopping the new ward changes, so there is still a chance the map can revert to its 47-ward structure.

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