The Toronto Pride Parade took the city by storm. And Toronto's Pride Weekend proved that after the rain, comes a rainbow.

This past Saturday and Sunday the annual Pride Parade, Trans March, and Dyke Walk celebrated diversity, equality, and love in the Toronto community.

The main event was Sunday, and despite less than pleasant weather, the crowds and colours were out in full force to demonstrate for LGTBQ+ groups strides in pride. Whether through Drag Shows, street fairs, or costumes with flare, the same message ran through. The community is strong.

The Pride Parade was full of bright moments, but we've chosen 10 that really speak to how Pride Weekend connects the city. Here they are:

1. When John Tory Showed Us That City Hall Stands With The Community

The importance of city officials marching in the Pride Parade shows that the government represents all members of the city.

2. When, In The Middle Of The Parade, The Crowd Stopped To Sing Happy Birthday

Pride is about celebration, and they left no one out of the party.

3. When Pride Was Beautiful Wet, Dry, Sunny, Cloudy ... And Bubbly.

The parade has always included bubbles as a way to bring out the child in all of us.

4. When Kathleen Wynne Made History As The First Openly Gay Premier In Ontario's History ...

Kathleen Wynne will leave a legacy as the first openly lesbian premier in Ontario's history. Her mark for inclusion, acceptance, and forward thinking will not be forgotten.

5. When The Rain Just Made The Parade Burn Brighter

It might have rained, but that didn't dampen the spirits of those marching.

6. When Even Those Who See In Black And White, Saw The Rainbow

Even furry friends had a great time at the parade.

7. When We Remembered That Family Is Always Family

PFLAG is an organization that represents families, and its message came through loud and clear this weekend.

8. When Some Experienced Their First Pride Parade

Pride is more than a party in the streets, it can be the start of a lifelong tradition ... if you can stay awake.

9. When The Jays Wore More Colours Than Their Traditional Blue

We root for the Jays, and the Jays root for us.

10. When It Was Just Love.

Happy Pride Toronto! We Love You.