Less than a week after former Mayor John Tory's final day in office, a date to determine Toronto's new leader has been set.

Toronto City Clerk John D. Elvidge has announced that the city's Mayoral by-election will take place on Monday, June 26. Advanced voting will take place from Thursday, June 8 to Tuesday, June 13, and electors will have the option to vote by mail.

The summertime date is subject to City Council formally declaring the Office of Mayor vacant, and passing a bylaw requiring a by-election to fill the position, which is expected to occur during its next meeting at the end of March.

The City noted that the Clerk would not normally reveal the dates prior to Council passing the bylaw, but "in this circumstance," announcing them as early as possible is in "the best interests" of candidates and voters. The move also allows election staff to be hired and voting locations to be determined faster.

Nominations for Toronto's next mayor will open at 8:30 am on Monday, April 3, and close at 2 pm on Friday, May 12.

Tory abruptly announced his resignation on Friday, February 10, revealing that he had had an affair with a former member of his staff (confirming what a report from the Toronto Star had stated just hours earlier). During a press conference, Tory said stepping down would allow him to "reflect" on his mistakes, and work on "rebuilding the trust" of his family. His last day in office was Friday, February 17.