It's a much stronger week for Toronto real estate.

The third week of June is proving to be the strongest thus far this month. Sales are up by double digits across every home type, following what has been seasonally lacklustre activity.

Interest is especially robust for single-family homes, as buyers are perhaps taking advantage of their slightly lower price point.

Detached sales continue to recover, with 22 per cent more homes exchanging hands compared to the same time last year, and 30 per cent from this week in May.

Semi-detached and townhouses also posted impressive gains, up 13 per cent and 48 per cent year over year, and 19 per cent and 31 per cent month over month, respectively.

Toronto condos, which have slowly, but steadily, declined throughout the spring season, have rallied, posting a seven per cent improvement from 2017, and up 11 per cent from May.

While too soon to determine whether sales will continue to improve into the summer months, it’s evident those perusing Toronto homes for sale are looking to snap up a detached for a relative deal.

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