When it comes to living in Toronto, there are dozens (over 140) of amazing neighbourhoods peppered throughout the city for residents to call home. But one particular demographic -- young families -- has specific requirements, including access to schools, parks, and detached home options, which, as we all know, can be difficult to find in Toronto’s downtown core.

So, what are the top neighbourhoods in Toronto that are family-friendly and cater to those with kids of all ages? Our friends at Zoocasa recently put together a list of eight of the top family-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto along with the average price of a semi-detached house, detached house, and condo apartment as of September 2020.

In these neighbourhoods, Zoocasa says the average detached house price ranged from $908,082 to $4,453,101 while the more affordable condo options ranged from $535,357 to $1,080,333.

The following list is sorted from the most affordable to the least affordable neighbourhood based on the price of an average detached house.

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1. Rockcliffe-Smythe (W03)

family-friendly 22 Bernice Crescent/Zoocasa

If affordability is what you're after, Rockcliffe-Smythe is currently home to the more affordable detached homes in proximity to downtown. The neighbourhood has access to the St. Clair streetcar line and is known for its quiet residential streets and lush green space along the Black Creek Valley. Zoocasa says this neighbourhood is a "rare find" for families looking for a house with parking and a backyard in the big city.

  • Average Detached House Price: $908,082 
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $923,112
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $535,357 

2. Riverdale (E03)

Screen shot 2020 10 20 at 10 484 Pape Avenue/Zoocasa

Located east of the Don River, Riverdale is one of Toronto’s largest neighbourhoods and with its abundant green space and quiet streets. This neighbourhood also has convenient and delicious eats being close to the Danforth and also great schools in the area including Withrow Avenue Junior Public School and Montcrest School, and Riverdale Collegiate Institute high school).

  • Average Detached House Price: $1,286,988
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,144,328
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $519,561 

3. Leslieville (E01)

family-friendly 1447 Dundas Street East/Zoocasa

Once hailed by the New York Times as the Williamsburg of Toronto, Leslieville is a family-friendly neighbourhood situated on the east side of downtown. Over the years, it’s become a magnet for young millennial families, drawn to its urban, yet small-town, vibe. Typical homes in Leslieville include mid-rise condos and apartments, townhouses, and older detached properties. The area also has easy access to downtown via Line 2, the Bloor-Danforth subway line.

  • Average Detached House Price: $1,445,056
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,257,925
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $810,190

4. Danforth Village (E02)

family-friendly 180 Coleman Avenue/Zoocasa

Known for its authentic Greek culture, this neighbourhood has attracted buyers from all segments of the market. Over the last few years, the neighbourhood has transformed but is still considered to be an “affordable” area of the city, making it a very attractive option for homebuyers looking to purchase a house but still be within reach of downtown. The neighbourhood also has lots of recreational activities to enjoy like The Danforth/Coxwell Public Library and Monarch Park, as well as easy access to the TTC Bloor-Danforth line and the Danforth GO Station.

  • Average Detached House Price: $1,654,992
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,151,145
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $770,418

5. Davisville Village (C10)

Screen shot 2020 10 20 at 10 19 Tullis Drive/Zoocasa

Tucked away in midtown, Davisville Village offers a variety of housing options and great schools -- such as Maurice Cody Junior Public School -- one of midtown’s highest-ranked public schools. Houses here boast "age-old charm," which is evident in the architecture and easily recognized by their Edwardian-style features and high-rises provide the option for young families who prefer condo living. Thes central location of the neighbourhood is ideal for transit and driving from downtown, being close to both Davisville and Eglinton subway stations.

  • Average Detached House Price: $1,930,219 
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,428,414
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $692,215 

6. Bloor West Village (W01)

family-friendly 426 Glenlake Avenue/Zoocasa

Known for its family-friendly community and tree-lined streets, this neighbourhood is located west of downtown and borders High Park -- the second largest municipal park in Toronto covering 161 hectares of nature, playgrounds, and Grenadier Pond. With direct access to the TTC Bloor-Danforth line, homes here are just steps away from Bloor Street. With space for kids to play outdoors, the neighbourhood is also known to be one of the safest in Toronto.

  • Average Detached House Price: $1,936,368
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,546,429
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $640,000 

7. Leaside (C11)

Screen shot 2020 10 20 at 11 163 Parkhurst Boulevard/Zoocasa

Leaside is well-known for being one of the most upscale and high-end pockets in the city and with no short of luxurious properties, private driveways and garages, the homes in this neighbourhood typically come at a higher price tag but also makes it a great area to raise kids. The neighbourhood is also easily accessible with 3 Eglinton Crosstown LRT stations in the area as of 2021.

  • Average Detached House Price: $2,272,400
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: $1,372,000
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $617,689 

8. Lawrence Park South (C12)

family-friendly 183 Hillhurst Boulevard/Zoocasa

Known for being one of the most exclusive and wealthy neighbourhoods in Toronto, Lawrence Park South is a neighbourhood that has some of the best properties, attractions, and greenspace in the city. With the average price of homes in this area are in the millions, the steeper prices comes quiet and safe streets with rolling hills. Located north of the midtown area, the neighbourhood has good transportation, most notably Line 5, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

  • Average Detached House Price: $4,453,101
  • Average Semi-Detached House Price: n/a
  • Average Condo Apartment Price: $1,080,333