Whoever said dating isn't expensive clearly doesn't live in Toronto.

A recent study from Elite Singles proves going on a date in Canada will cost you. Just how much you'll spend depends on the city you live in.

The average cost of a Canadian date, consisting of a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, movie tickets, and a short cab ride home is $125. $10 more than what daters spent in 2017 for a single date night.

You'd think living in a big city that has so many free things to see and do would mean you wouldn't have to spend as much on dating, but that simply isn't true.

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The cost of dating in Toronto is approximately $142. The same date is projected at $149 in Vancouver. Calgary is the third most expensive Canadian city for dating, with the average cost sitting at $130.

Of course, that price tag could drop or climb with a few slight adjustments. A bottle of wine and a picnic at Trinity-Bellwoods can be awfully romantic and cost you virtually nothing, while dinner for two at the Hawksworth will blow through your budget before you can even get past the drink menu.

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That is to be expected though, according to Elite Singles, going out to eat is the most expensive part of a date in all countries.

Even more shocking than the prices at upscale restaurants is the fact that on an international scale, Toronto is considered the 9th most expensive city in the world for dating.

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Out of the 25 cities surveyed, Toronto sneaked in just above Auckland, New Zealand ($137) and just below Sydney, Australia ($147). The 6ix jumped two spots year-over-year to land within the top 10. Had Vancouver been included in the international survey, the west coast city would have secured 7th place. Vancouver is also considered one of the best spots in the world for a date... especially if you get that elusive table at Hawksworth.

The estimated cost of a date for the 25 surveyed cities is as follows:

1. Oslo, Norway:  $221

2. London, UK: $209

3. New York, USA: $187

4. Stockholm, Sweden: $160

5. Tokyo, Japan: $159

6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: $151

7. Paris, France: $148

8. Sydney, Australia: $147

9. Toronto, Canada: $142

10. Auckland, New Zealand: $137

11. Hong Kong: $135

12. Berlin, Germany: $131

13. Seoul, South Korea: $113

14. Singapore: $111

15. Barcelona, Spain: $111

16. Nairobi, Kenya: $96

17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: $91

18. Taipei, Taiwan (ROC): $89

19. Shanghai, China (PRC): $87

20. Moscow, Russia: $79

21. Cape Town, South Africa: $72

22. Bogotá, Columbia: $68

23. Mexico City, Mexico: $59

24. Mumbai, India: $46

25. Istanbul, Turkey: $40

No matter where you are in the world, dating has only gotten more expensive. In 2017, the average global cost of a single date was $114 Canadian dollars. This year the global average is $120.

So, with the holidays coming up and rumours of Canadian bankruptcies on the rise, we wouldn't fault you for thinking now might be a good time to take a break from dating.