Toronto construction is ramping up. The city has the most cranes not just in Canada, but in North America, according to a new report. 

The July 2019 RLB Crane Index shows the 6ix has 120 active cranes, which is up from 104 in January. That’s a huge chunk of the 428 cranes that are currently in use across 13 major Canadian and American cities. 

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Toronto’s cranes are being used for mixed-use and residential projects in both the downtown core and surrounding area. 

“Currently, residential and mixed-use projects command the local construction market; in the future, increased infrastructure spending is anticipated to trigger additional activity,” the report reads. 

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The Ontario capital has the most cranes in North America by a wide margin. Los Angeles and Seattle tie for second place, both with just 49 cranes in use.

Similar to Toronto, Los Angeles has seen an increase in cranes this year, jumping by 11 per cent. A “high profile sports project” and a rise in Hollywood hospitality projects have contributed to this. Seattle, on the other hand, is using its cranes solely for mixed-use and residential projects.

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It’s not surprising that Toronto has the most cranes in use. The city is the fastest-growing in Canada and the U.S., and is in desperate need of more housing. 

In June, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reported that Toronto’s new construction projects kept the same pace month over month. More construction efforts were placed on apartments and single-detached homes rather than row and semi-detached houses. 

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But Toronto isn't the only Canadian city to have a significant number of active cranes. According to the RLB Index, Calgary came in third place with 34 cranes

“High-rise multifamily projects are making an impact on the Calgary skyline,” the report noted. “The downtown area sees additions in the University District, East Village, and the Beltline areas, echoing that increase with office, commercial, mixed-use, healthcare, and infrastructure construction underway.”

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