A looming labour strike arising from a contract dispute between the City and Toronto Civic Employees Union Local 416 could result in a significant labour disruption across Toronto as of 12:01 am on February 27.

As a result, the City has released its contingency plan for service delivery in the event the approximately 5,000 outside workers do strike.

If the City finds itself in a legal lockout position a week from today, the "most visible" impacts will be:

  • Suspension of garbage, recycling and organics collection east of Yonge Street and from public parks and litter bins city-wide. There may also be delays to collection west of Yonge Street
  • Closure and cancellation of programming and event permits at all City recreation centres, greenhouses and conservatories, pools, arenas and outdoor ice rinks, fitness centres and ski hills
  • Limited access to civic centres including Metro Hall and City Hall
  • Suspension of non-emergency Toronto Animal Services operations, and reduced animal shelter locations and hours
  • Suspension or longer wait times for many City administrative services.
  • According to a release from the City, Toronto Police, Fire Services, Paramedic Services, Seniors Services and Long-Term Care, TTC, Toronto Community Housing, and Toronto Water operations will not be affected by a labour disruption.

    The Union has been trying to reach an agreement with the city for over four months, which included five days of negotiations with the assistance of a provincially appointed conciliation officer. During discussions, the Union has been trying to renegotiate its now-expired collective agreement with the City, which expired on the final day of 2019.

    “Our job security language, like our entire contract, expired on December 31, 2019. That means the whole contract is up for negotiation,” said Eddie Mariconda, President of CUPE Local 416, about the City’s bargaining communication.

    The City continues to be in talks with CUPE Local 79, which represents the City’s more than 24,000 inside workers.