Urban Oasis (All photos courtesy of Sold by Shane)

We're all well aware of how hectic living in the city can be, and how often we're overstimulated by traffic, sounds, jobs, family, and the TTC in particular.

This new condo listing, however, is an urban oasis for a calm and relaxing new home.

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This latest listing in Leslieville is here to strip away the noise and bring you back to a sense of calm.

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It's built with a tranquil and minimalist design that lets you quiet down after a chaotic day in Toronto.

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Price: $1,548,000Address: 518-50 Curzon St.Brokerage: Shane Carslake

Even from the outdoors, the condo takes a grounded focus with natural elements from brick, shrubbery, and grass rather than typical glass and steel.

50 curzon toronto 050 copy e1539969417710

Right from the entrance, the calming neutral palette and uncluttered design keep the overall feeling peaceful.

50 curzon toronto 054 copy e1539969447670

The kitchen strips away clutter and congestion with a streamlined design, pristine white counters, and glass partitions for an open and spacious feel.

50 curzon toronto 051 e1539969429857

Seamless cupboards on the wall clean up the kitchen even more, while the neutral palette continues to create a downtown oasis.

50 curzon toronto 056 copy e1539969456842

A cozy fireplace brings relaxation to the forefront in this minimalist and modern sitting room.

50 curzon toronto 021 copy e1539969404640

The bathroom optimizes design with a wall-free shower. The shower head is hung on the wall across from the tub for a truly open and clear space.

50 curzon toronto 020 copy e1539969384960

Use the beautiful modern tub to let the stress of the workday soak away.

50 curzon toronto 019 e1539969370771

If you have a type-A personality, this organized and parallel structure will soothe your soul.

50 curzon toronto 018 copy 3 e1539969344472

And this bedroom certainly doesn't look like other crammed and cluttered bedrooms we're familiar with ...

50 Cruzon Toronto

And perhaps the crowning piece of this listing, the outdoor patio oasis, which draws on a beautiful sunset view and privacy from natural screens.

It's a little slice of small-town quiet in the heart Toronto.

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