If it feels like Toronto is getting taller and taller, that's because it is. Seemingly every week developers are trotting out new plans to build a taller and shinier skyscraper, ready to change the city's skyline once more.

Toronto is no stranger to tall buildings. Yes, we have the CN Tower of course (although some would consider it a "structure" rather than a "building") but the city is also home to eight of the 10 tallest skyscrapers in Canada. Buildings in Edmonton and Calgary hold the seventh and eighth place spots, but with what Toronto has coming down the pipeline, they'll soon be relegated to a lesser rank.

From Canada's first building over 100 storeys to an eye-catching skyscraper designed by a famed architect, here are the 10 tallest buildings planned for Toronto.

1. Sky Tower

toronto tallest buildingsPinnacle International

  • Address: 1 Yonge Street
  • Storeys: 95 (seeking 105)
  • Height: 1,023 ft. (seeking 1,135 ft.)
  • Status: Under construction/Seeking approval

Construction of SkyTower, part of the Pinnacle One Yonge development from Pinnacle International, is already underway as a 95-storey build but the developer is seeking approval to add another 10 storeys. With the new height, the building would house a whopping 958 residential units.

2. The One

toronto tallest buildingsMizrahi Developments

  • Address: 1 Bloor West
  • Storeys: 85 (seeking 94)
  • Height: 1,010 ft. (seeking 1,110 ft.)
  • Status: Under construction/Seeking approval

Further uptown, another already-tall tower is looking to add a few more storeys. The One, approved as an 85-storey condo, hotel, and retail tower, may reach 94 storeys if updated plans resubmitted by Mizrahi Developments are approved. The building is already taking shape at the corner of Bloor and Yonge, but still has quite a ways to go.

3. Forma West Tower

toronto tallest buildingsGreat Gulf, Dream, Westdale Properties

  • Address: 266 King Street West
  • Storeys: 84
  • Height: 1,011 ft.
  • Status: Approved, pre-construction

Designed by famed Canadian architect Frank Gehry, the two-tower Forma development's western building will be one of the tallest in the city, reaching over 1,000 ft and comprised of 84 storeys. The asymmetric stacked box design gives the towers a sculptural look -- quite fitting considering they'll house new facilities for OCAD, along with 2,034 condo units and some commercial space.

4. One Yonge

One yonge 1024x771Pinnacle International

  • Address: 1 Yonge Street
  • Storeys: 80 (seeking 92)
  • Height: 1,004 ft.
  • Status: Pre-construction//Seeking approval

Part of the same development as SkyTower, One Yonge is also potentially gaining a few more floors, with Pinnacle International looking to take what was planned as an 80-storey tower and turn it into a 92-storey build. If the updated plans are approved, it'll house 859 residential units.

5. Union Park East Tower

toronto tallest buildingsOxford Properties Group

  • Address: 315 Front Street West
  • Storeys: 60
  • Height: 995 ft.
  • Status: Pre-construction

Immediately north of the Rogers Centre, Oxford Properties Group has been approved to build four towers, the tallest of which -- an office tower on the eastern side of the site -- will rise 60 storeys and 995 ft. The middle tower, at 50 storeys, will also hold office space, while the two towers on the west side of the site (50 and 52 storeys) will be home to 832 residential units.

6. 15 Bloor West

toronto tallest buildingsReserve Properties

  • Address: 15-19 Bloor Street West
  • Storeys: 94
  • Height: 990.8 ft.
  • Status: Awaiting approval

This skinny tower from Reserve Properties is planned for the site immediately west of The One, meaning the southwest corner of Bloor and Yonge could be in for a massive change. The property is partially occupied by the now-shuttered H&M, but if this tower is approved, it'll be home to 1,262 residential units with some ground-floor retail space.

7. 191 Bay Street

191 bay toronto tallest towers 713x1024QuadReal Property Group

  • Address: 191 Bay Street
  • Storeys: 64
  • Height: 990. ft.
  • Status: Awaiting approval

Right in the heart of the Financial District, QuadReal Property Group is looking to replace the south and east buildings of Commerce Court with a shiny new office tower and three-storey cultural pavilion. According to Urban Strategies Inc., the urban planner hired for the project, the south and east buildings "have become outdated and do not meet expectations for Class A office environments." The new tower is intended to revitalize the corner with 160,000 sq. m of office space.

8. Concord Sky

Concord sky 1024x691Concord Adex

  • Address: 383 Yonge Street
  • Storeys: 85
  • Height: 981 ft.
  • Status: Under construction

With an angular top reaching over 980 ft in the air and a bright, glassy exterior, Concord Sky will be hard to miss once it's finished. Plans call for 1,106 residential units, so the build will give thousands of Torontonians a home right downtown, and they're in for a high-tech living experience: Concord is building touchless mobile access entry points, smart parcel pickup, and 100% EV quick charge parking, just to name a few.

9. Union Centre

Union centre torontoAllied Properties REIT, Westbank Corp

  • Address: 171 Front Street West
  • Storeys: 54
  • Height: 978 ft.
  • Status: On hold

A stone's throw from Union Station, the CN Tower, and just about any other downtown attraction, Union Centre's design certainly stands out from the boxy, rectangular towers that surround its would-be home. Development plans -- although now on hold, according to architect Adamson Associates -- call for high-end office space inside a glassy tower embellished with green walls and green roofs.

10. Chelsea Green

Chelsea green toronto 1024x828Great Eagle Holdings

  • Address: 33 Gerrard Street West
  • Storeys: 90
  • Height: 975 ft.
  • Status: Awaiting approval

Plans to redevelop 33 Gerrard Street West, home to Canada's largest hotel, The Chelsea, have gone through a series of changes and revisions. But the newest iteration, submitted earlier this year, would see three towers, the tallest of which reaches 90 storeys, closely followed by its neighbouring tower at 89 storeys. They'll house 1,088 and 892 residential units, respectively.