Unless you are living under a rock — or in denial — you already know about the spring ice storm tore into Toronto this weekend.

And if you're like many others throughout Toronto — and Ontario today — you're likely either working from home, or trying to watch your kids who didn't go to school today, while still trying to work from home.

So we thought we'd give you a little break, and pull together some images of the ice storm and its aftermath.

Here are some images from around the Toronto and the GTA …

1. More than 500 collisions were reported this weekend and another 400 today. Please drive safely!

2. The wind out there is almost as bad as the ice and snow.

3. Busses and TTC are trying their hardest to get up hill ...

4. Despite the traffic, it is kind of beautiful ... in a weird April way.

5. Maybe try to convince the dogs to stay in for the day ... (Or maybe they'll convince you.)

6. Hope no one was too excited about barbecue weather.

7. Trucks and cars are having a hard time across the whole GTA.

8.Trees are down, roads are icy, and the power's out in some areas...

9. The whole city seems to have frozen solid.

10. Just stay home and in the warm.