As Ontario continues to slowly reopen its economy, new safety measures – for both passengers and employees – are being implemented at Toronto's Pearson International Airport to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Starting Monday, June 1, the airport will be enforcing new and enhanced policies that include mandatory masks and face coverings and restricted terminal access.

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According to the airport, the following policies are now in effect at Pearson:

  • All passengers and airport employees must wear masks/face coverings at all times.
  • Terminal access will be restricted to passengers who are travelling on the same day and airport employees on duty. Meeters and greeters or those dropping friends and loved ones off at the airport are not permitted to enter the terminals.
  • When arriving at Toronto Pearson, please exit the terminal buildings immediately upon collecting your bags from the baggage carousel.
  • As always, follow in-terminal signage and maintain a safe physical distance of two metres from others whenever possible.
  • However, there are some exceptions to wearing a face mask, which includes travellers under two years old, those with trouble breathing, those dining at food and beverage locations, and those unable to remove a face covering without assistance will not be required to wear a face mask.

    Additionally, friends or family members of someone who requires mobility assistance, or those accompanying a minor travelling alone, are allowed access into the public spaces of terminal buildings.

    Airport officials also said that connecting passengers on a layover for more than one day are exempt from these same-day travel policies.

    When it comes to the health and safety of those working at the airport, staff and employees are also now required to wear masks or face coverings except when eating or drinking.

    Staff and employees are also being reminded to maintain physical distancing by keeping two metres apart and not to "dwell or gather" in passenger areas for non-work-related reasons. Employees who enter passenger areas to use amenities like food, retail services or washrooms are being instructed to make their purchase and then leave the passenger area.

    Airport officials also announced that access to terminal buildings will be limited to travelling passengers and airport employees arriving for or departing from work. Entry points will be limited to:

    • Terminal 1 – Departures level, second set of doors across from check in aisles 3 and 4, EB3002 and the eighth set GA3003, top of aisle 11 and Transborder security, Level 2 South and West bridge, Arrivals level, door A and D, Ground level, door R
    • Terminal 3 – Departures level, doors opposite crosswalks, escalators from Link Train, Arrivals level, Domestic and International Doors.
    • The airport has also announced new enhanced cleaning procedures that include:

      • Additional cleaning and a heightened focus on high-touch areas, such as kiosks and handrails
      • Additional hand sanitizer stations at key terminal locations, access points and other heavily travelled areas
      • Use of disinfectant wipes and solutions for escalator, moving sidewalk, stairwell and baggage cart handrails and handles
      • Regular disinfecting of all hard surfaces
      • Enhanced disinfection of terminal washrooms
      • Regular disinfection of passenger processing kiosks
      • In addition to the above, passengers can now walk up to an information desk and be connected with a Passenger Customer Service Representative by video, or through a speakerphone, to help minimize the amount of physical contact required.

        Online live chat is also now available through the airport's Contact Us page, allowing passengers to connect with a Passenger Customer Service.

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