Tucked behind professional landscaping on spacious, well-manicured lots, two stately single-family homes are pretty typical of what you’ll find on the streets of Toronto’s Bridle Path. But their days may be numbered. A development application filed with the City of Toronto in late May seeks to demolish both properties and construct a mid-rise apartment building at the site, municipally known as 8 and 10 Hyde Park Circle.

More specifically, the associated proposal, prepared by Goldberg Group on behalf North Drive (the site's owner), calls for four storeys, a building height of 20.5 m (inclusive of the mechanical penthouse), and a total gross floor area of 10,202 sq. m, all of which would be dedicated to residential. Fifty-five dwelling units have been proposed, including 17 two-bedrooms and 38 three-bedrooms.

As well, the development would be served by 146 sq. m of indoor amenity space, 130 sq. m of outdoor amenity space, 57 bicycle parking spaces, and 119 vehicle parking spaces. All parking spaces are to be equipped with EV charging stations.

Bridle PathRichard Wengle Architect Inc

Bridle PathRichard Wengle Architect Inc

The proposal also specifies a circular driveway for pick-up and drop-off to be located outside the lobby. This area is expected to include accessible parking spaces, three valet parking spaces, and an enclosed parking garage ramp leading to the underground parking.

Of course, the proposed development takes into consideration the multi-million-dollar properties the Bridle Path is known for. Renderings prepared by Richard Wengle Architect Inc, show an elegant, C-shaped low-rise with varying setbacks and stepbacks and topped with private terraces. Large prairie frame windows line the sand-coloured stone facade, while deep inset balconies serve the corner units.

Bridle path apartments 3 1024x522Richard Wengle Architect Inc

Bridle path apartments 4 1024x516Richard Wengle Architect Inc

You may not associate Toronto’s Bridle Path with apartment living, but the proposed development is admittedly an attempt to shake up the status quo. Says the planning report, “By broadening the range and choice of housing opportunities in this neighbourhood, the proposal contributes to achieving a more ‘complete community.’”

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