Fall decor This fall's decor trends are soft and oh-so touchable, so as the warm weather fades, a velvet armchair or textured pillows should be on the top of your list. (Photo courtesy of HomeSense)

Look around and you’ll see some of the undeniable markers of fall’s arrival in the city.

Grocery stores are stocked with Halloween candy, apple-picking photos are starting to pop up on social media, and baristas are serving pumpkin spice lattes in orange cups. Fall is here.

Embrace the change by incorporating some seasonal trends into your home decor. Even small additions can make a big difference and make your home feel cozy and ready for the cooler months ahead.

These tips will help you find the autumn statement that’s right for your home and budget.


All-white interiors are classic, and feel bright and airy during the summer. But as the season changes, an all-white setting can begin to feel cold. Adding a few colourful accents chosen from the new fall palette is an easy way to bring warmth to an otherwise white room.


Pantone’s 2017 Colour Report for the fall is a great guide that can inspire ideas for which to design your home on-trend. Where to start? How about experimenting with navy? It feels fresh while still being classic and can be an attractive colour for larger investment pieces, such as a sofa, because it won’t go out of style and there is less chance you will sick of it over others.

If you’re looking for less of a commitment, throw pillows in jewel-tones similar to Tawny Port or Shaded Spruce are a simple way to add rich colours to your space. Similarly, trendier hues, like Pantone’s Grenadine and Autumn Maple, offer up perfect pops of colour. Look for coffee table toppers like books or trays in those colours.


Fur blankets

Textured fabrics can make your space feel cozy for fall. The easiest way to incorporate this trend is by purchasing a few faux-fur or chunky knit blankets. Try to mix up the colours and textures to achieve a layered feel. Many stores have faux-fur options that feel luxurious but are still reasonably priced and machine washable.

Velvet is another fabric that adds warmth and texture to a space. Many stores have embraced this trend, and velvet is popping up everywhere from sofas to pillows. Velvet looks beautiful in rich colours such as navy, but also adds depth to light colours like blush and cream. Make a statement in your home with a velvet ottoman or armchair.


Choose unique metallic fixtures and details to add style and character to your home. Stainless-steel fixtures look good, but they can feel generic since there are so many alternatives on the market today.

Brass is this season’s metallic trend, and is a classic finish as it combines the best aspects of other finishes. It has the warmth of copper without being as trendy, and the antique feel of gold without being as flashy.

Fall trends This condo, developed by Aspen Ridge Homes. features an interior designed by Toronto's II BY IV DESIGN with brass finishes adding a timeless style to this beautiful office space. (Photo courtesy of David Whitaker)

Another trend is to move away from metallic finishes entirely and opt for matte black. This finish has a clean, minimalistic feel that’s very popular among design bloggers and influencers.

Most importantly, both brass and matte black feel fresh but still blend easily with other colours and finishes that you’re likely to have in your home.



If you’re on a budget, the easiest way to incorporate any of this season’s trends are to do so using flowers. A well-thought-out arrangement is an affordable way to add colour and texture to a room.

Some flower shops allow you to choose individual flowers and arrange your own bouquet, which gives you the most control over the cost and design of your arrangement. Late-blooming flowers such as dahlias and sunflowers can be grown in beautiful, warm colours and tend to last long once they’re cut.

A foliage arrangement is an unexpected alternative to a traditional bouquet. Eucalyptus, magnolia and mixed ferns look beautiful, and sprinkling in sticks and dried leaves can add variety and texture. Also try a bundle of dried lavender — it smells amazing and lasts long. Foliage tends to last longer in the vase than cut flowers.

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