Screen shot 2018 09 24 at 9 Drake's Toronto mansion under construction. (Photo courtesy of Word On Road via

Drake is a courtside kind of guy. So it makes sense that he's building a basketball court in his new Toronto castle.

But not just any basketball court — an NBA-sized basketball court.


Drake's new Toronto pad is under construction now. And according to the Degrassi alum's building permits filed with the City of Toronto — and TMZ, the go-to celebrity news source — his new mansion will be pimped out.

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Drake's new home will have a 15,000 square foot basement (for his basketball court, of course), a spa with two saunas, a massage room, a pool with a hot tub and a snack lounge suspended above his basketball court.

The upper levels aren't too shabby either.

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The rapper will have another hot tub on his rooftop terrace, an outdoor swimming pool with drinking bars (yes, plural), and giant projection screens. Oh, but wait, there's more ...

Drake will also have a recording studio and an awards room. Yes, a room dedicated to his accolades. Thank goodness he'll also have a champagne bar, so he can properly celebrate that awards room.

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While this may sound lavish, you must remember Drake's mansion is in the Bridle Path — just down the road from Prince's former mansion. So there are simple standards that clearly need to be respected and upheld.

And in case you were wondering about those standards:

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