If you’re a hungry Canadian user of the popular DoorDash service, you may have been hacked.

The company revealed this week that 4.9 million users in Canada and the United States had their data stolen in May.

The San Francisco-based, on-demand food delivery service, which hasn’t yet revealed exactly how many Canadian users were hit, says those who were directly affected have been notified.

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DoorDash says the stolen data included order history, phone numbers, email addresses, user names and people’s physical addresses. And the drivers who deliver the food? Well, the hackers dashed off with the “Dasher” driver’s licence info.

The hungry hackers, in some cases, also made off with the last four digits of consumer payment cards plus the last four digits of their bank account numbers. The stolen payment data was “not sufficient” to make fraudulent charges or bank withdrawals, DoorDash claims.

Users who joined the platform before Ap. 5, 2018, were the ones hit, the company says.

DoorDash, founded in 2013 by four Stanford students and a mainstay of the gig economy, is the biggest on-demand food delivery app in North America. The company said, in a Medium post, that they “are reaching out directly to affected users with specific information about what was accessed. We do not believe that user passwords have been compromised, but out of an abundance of caution, we are encouraging all of those affected to reset their passwords to one that is unique to DoorDash.”

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Suspicious of some unusual activity involving a third-party provider early in September, DoorDash launched a probe and discovered that an unauthorized third party had accessed their user data on May 4, 2019.

DoorDash says that it has taken “additional” measures to secure user date and that they are offering free identity protection services to affected drivers.

Earlier this year, following months of driver complaints and and a New York Times probe, DoorDash announced that it would change its tipping policy. Originally, DoorDash could use a portion or all of a customer’s tip toward drivers’ base pay rate; now, according the company, “Dashers’ earnings will increase by the exact amount a customer tips on every order.”

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