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Toronto moves fast. The city is developing quickly. And new developments pop up all of the time. Even from old developments. Take the Budweiser Stage for example. It has so much more to offer you now, but before we get to all those fun and amazing new features you need to know about, let's rewind ...

In January of 2017, news broke that Molson Amphitheatre would be no more and would instead be known as Budweiser Stage. To say I responded melodramatically would be an understatement.

Thanks to my investigative journalism, I was able to track down my very reaction to the heartache that happened mere minutes after the story broke:


Growing up in Toronto a total music junkie, I had spent the past 20 summers or so going in and out of that venue for various concerts.

My attachment to “The Amp,” as us locals called it, was rich.

I had met former flames there, gone on dates there, learned how to let go of grief there, reunited with friends there ... All to the tunes of some of the world’s most famous bands and artists beating in the background.

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That’s why I’m still so surprised at how quickly I let go of referring to the venue (and my second summer home of sorts) as The Amp. It was not hard to take on its new title (with pride, at that), Budweiser Stage.

As part of a multi-year agreement between Budweiser Canada and Live Nation, elevating the live music experience for fans at the venue is one of the main goals, starting from the moment you walk through the front gate.

At the beginning of June, I went to catch the 30 Seconds to Mars show there and was greeted by the all-new Artist Walkway upon entry.

The Artist Walkway showcases fresh new pieces for the season created by 20 local visual artists, depicting the 2018 summer music line-up in their own unique style. This is one of the best things ever. It promotes local artists, local breweries and the like — things that really make this renewed and revamped venue such a great place to be.

In addition to the list of new features and venue transformations launched last year, music fans can expect an even more amped-up venue experience with new features, food and beverage choices, along with some of the hottest names in music.

This year boasts the venue's largest line-up to date with nearly 60 musical acts taking the stage.

So what should you look out for at Budweiser Stage? Let's get to those new features ...

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Budweiser Brewery Fresh

For the first time in Canada, Budweiser Brewery Fresh will be delivered straight from the local London brewery to provide music fans with the freshest Budweiser. Available at a new point of service at the top of the lawn, premium copper tanks will serve Budweiser Brewery Fresh.

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Upgraded Lawn Speaker System

All speakers on the lawn at the venue have been updated with state of the art Adamson Line Array Sound System. Lawn ticket holders will now be able to benefit from the highest-quality audio possible in an outdoor venue.

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Box Seats

Fans sitting in the Box Seat area will also be able to order food and beverages to be delivered right to their seat.

FYI, I got Box Seats for the Dave Matthews Band show this summer and it was a literal dream. It guaranteed that I didn’t miss a moment or have to run from the bar to my seat the second I heard a song that I was dying to hear.

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New Food Options

Whether you’re a mega-foodie or a veg like me, the venue has tons of new food options.

I always ended up grabbing a slice of mediocre pizza there in the past because it was the only veg option, but between the food trucks, veg burgers and veg quesadillas and a few other options, I actually look forward to dining there instead of going somewhere in the area before the show or settling for sub-par za.

Not a veg?

Then you’ll want to know about Bud & Burgers, featuring Webers famous charcoal barbequed hamburgers (no need to head up to cottage country to get your fix).

For premium ticket-holders, Budweiser Stage partnered with The Drake to create an elevated culinary experience with more choices and items from the restaurant's menu, which is available in the AMEX Lounge.

On-site there’s also an array of food trucks including: Pappas Greek, The Poutine Supreme, and Toronto Softee. These will rotate throughout the summer and are often featured on the concert info page on the live nation website ahead of an event.

Another interesting aspect is that big name brands are recognizing the new and improved allure of the venue and are hopping on board. One such brand is Perrier, who sponsoring Budweiser Stage this summer (in addition to a bunch of music fests across Canada).

Perrier is all about making each moment extraordinary. With its giant piano installation, Perrier gives concert-goers yet one more fun thing to do while at the concert, while adding another way for music fans to interact with the brand — and have a good time doing it.

This is alongside sampling of the newly-released Perrier & Juice line, which combines sparkling water with fruit juice.

Personally, I prefer to balance my hydration by mixing in something a little harder, for that there’s a Perrier Mini-Greenhouse on site. Bottoms up!