If you're up for an adventure, this property at 62 Croft Street – near College and Bathurst – could be just the spot for you.

And we don't say 'property' lightly; this laneway opportunity comes pre-approved for a house... but doesn't actually include the house.

Listed for $1,250,000, the 22 x 55 lot has been severed from 157 Lippincott Street into a newly formed parcel of land. According to realtor Paul Johnston, "the opportunity to own a freehold laneway home that has its own services and is freely independent of another dwelling is not only something very rare, but also not envisioned in the current planning framework."

Meaning this may be one of the last chances someone in Toronto has to own a new, completely independent laneway home.

Laneway House 62 Croft Street Laneway House

If you're looking for laneway inspiration, it isn't too far away either – literally just a few metres down the street is a Kohn Shnier architects' stunning 1,300 square feet Laneway House. The "upside-down" house even includes a "6’ deep garden that contains an outdoor fireplace, shower and Japanese tub." Plenty of ideas to learn from (and borrow) just down the lane.

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Of course, you're going to need patience and vision if you're planning to take this project on as this is what the property currently looks like:

Laneway House 62 Croft Street Laneway House

According to Johnston, the cost of the build would depend on the level of finish, but could likely be built for anywhere between $500,000 or $1,000,000 depending on a variety of factors. Johnston also believes there's a "good chance you could build this within 6 months."

"Detailed in the approvals are the set-backs and conditions required in order to construct the dwelling envisioned by Brian Kucharski – who also happens to be a resident of this vibrant stretch of the city. Brian has envisioned a home of providing about 1,500 square feet of living space, plus abundant storage and a single car garage, in addition to a private yard, green roof and rooftop terrace. The opportunity still exists to customize the home completely to fit your own personal needs and aesthetics."

Like we said, if you're up for the challenge, you could soon be sitting on (the rooftop terrace of) one of the most unique homes in all of Toronto.

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