The first signs of spring may still be far off, but the Toronto housing market continues to heat from lacklustre activity in January, with sales for all home types stable or up from the same period last month.

However, the year-over-year trend remains mixed; detached houses are seeing a strong short-term uptick with sales more than doubled (104 per cent) from last month at 57 sold, though below 2018 levels by 15 per cent. Semi-detached houses saw overall improvement with 14 sales, up 75 per cent from January and 8 per cent year over year.

Townhouse sales saw a more volatile swing, which is common for this home type due to its generally lower inventory: sales clocked in at just six units, flat from January, and down 68 per cent from 2018. Condos for sale in Toronto, however, enjoyed a surge from last month with 120 units changing hands – the same as last year.

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