From havoc-wreaking floods to snowstorms that stop the region in its tracks, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is no stranger to wet weather. 

As we ride out the last of the spring season on a wet note – and prepare for dramatic summertime thunderstorms to hit the city in the coming months – now may be just the time to consider some home upgrades in the waterproofing department. 

When our hard-earned home is our most prized material possession, it’s only natural to want to protect it from the elements so that it shines in all of its glory for years to come. The reality, however, is that too many homeowners don’t take a proactive approach to waterproofing their basement, waiting instead until the damage is done. 

If you’ve yet to waterproof the lower level of your home, consider these five reasons to do so before it’s too late. 

Basement waterproof shutterstock 727417594 4worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

‘Tis the Season
While there are more exciting things to do once the warm weather rolls around than worry about waterproofing your basement, winter is actually the worst time to waterproof your home. This is because the ground will often freeze in the frigid months, making it difficult to access and excavate the home’s foundation. 

You’ll Breathe Easier 
Aside from the less-than-ideal odor that comes with having a damp and musty basement, such an environment will not do your lungs any favours either. In fact, resulting mold and other allergens can get into the air in your home and into your lungs. Waterproofing your basement ensures fresh air for easy breathing throughout the home. 

Give Yourself Some Space  
Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a flooded basement to realize that it’s time to waterproof. At this point – after the carpet has been torn up and the stench remains – your precious additional square footage of living space found in the basement is unusable for a lot longer than the time it would have taken to waterproof the space properly. 

Add Dollars to the Value of Your Home 
When the day comes to sell your home, you’ll have no regrets about waterproofing the basement, thanks to the increase in home value associated with basements that save new homeowners the additional to-do of waterproofing. Rather than an expense, think of it as an investment. 

Save More Precious Pennies
The experts and those who learned the hard way know that putting off waterproofing the basement can be one of the costliest mistakes you can make. While waterproofing the home undoubtedly can dent the wallet, accumulating water damage is costlier in the long-run. Problems with cracks in the foundation and issues with pipes and drainage will become worse –and even costlier – the more you put them off. 

Of course, like any other home project, the smartest choice is to go with a reputable, tried and true company like Direct Waterproofing, a Canadian company with over 25 years of experience.