Those needing to get to the airport ahead of the long weekend should be advised that the UP Express is not in service due to signal issues. Because of this, travellers can take a GO shuttle instead.

Metrolinx says train that takes passengers from Union Station to Pearson Airport, with stops at Bloor and Weston in between, is currently not running due to an ongoing signal problem.

Guests travelling to and from Pearson and Union Station will have access to a GO shuttle bus, while guests travelling from Weston and Bloor are advised to make their way to the nearest TTC subway.

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At this time, it remains unclear when service is expected to be restored and Metrolinx says service could be suspended for the next two to three hours. Crews are currently on the scene working to resolve the issue.

Anne Marie Aikins, a spokesperson for Metrolinx, says the signal problem is a "bigger" issue than what the company hoped for.