As a true Torontonian knows, it's not exactly unusual for a morning to begin with some sort of a TTC disruption — whether that's an unexpected delay or dangerous overcrowding at a station.

And we might only be two months into 2020, but TTC customers have already experienced a fair share of frustrations, with subway and streetcar derailments feeling like the norm.

But luckily, rather than having to convince your boss or your teacher you were late because you were stuck on the subway or waiting for a shuttle bus because of a service delay, the TTC can actually help you out by writing you a late note.

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Following Thursday's major service disruption, in which a Line 1 subway car derailed and ended service between St Clair West and Union Station, the city's transit agency confirmed you can still get your hands on a late note.

All you have to do is call the TTC customer service hotline at 416-393-3030 and request an investigation report. The transit service will then give you a note confirming that the service has been disrupted or delayed alongside the date, time, location, and duration of the disruption.

See, sometimes the TTC has your back after all.