The TTC is serious about their commitment to going green.

The first of the transit company’s zero emission electric buses arrived in Toronto on Monday. The vehicle will undergo testing and commissioning before it joins regular service later this spring, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said in a tweet.

The e-bus is part of the TTC’s green initiative, which aims to be 50 per cent zero emissions between 2028 and 2032, and 100 per cent zero emissions by 2040.

“This is just one way we are modernizing our service, innovating for the long term and planning for climate change,” their website reads. “We will continue to deliver safe, reliable service to our customers with the new, more environmentally friendly fleet.”

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The e-bus, which was manufactured by New Flyer, runs on nuclear electricity that’s free of greenhouse gas emissions, City News reports. It works by being charged overnight.

By the end of 2019, the TTC plans to integrate a total of 60 e-buses in their rotation. This fleet will use three different technologies: clean diesel, hybrid electric and battery electric.

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Last year, 55 hybrid buses were delivered to the city, and 200 more are expected to arrive by the end of this year. The only difference between hybrid buses and all-electric vehicles is that the former has a built-in generator that can produce electricity if needed.

“With the introduction of these new hybrid buses, the TTC will provide its customers with a cleaner and greener ride while saving money on fuel costs,” Mayor John Tory said at the time.