Every year for the past 15 years over 200,000 residents, students, businesses, organizations and community groups join together for an annual clean up of city wide public spaces.

This year's events are coming up this weekend.

  • Community Cleanup Days: Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22
  • Corporate 20-Minute Makeover: Friday, April 20
  • School Cleanup Day: Friday, April 20

909b ctt kickoff march 28 768x511 1 (Photo courtesy of City of Toronto)

If you'd like to take part, you have to register your clean up event. The City will support registered cleanups with litter and recycling bags and special litter collection, subject to approval.

Registering your event also ensures that multiple groups do not gather to clean up the same location.

Registration for corporate and school clean ups have closed, but community clean-ups will be open for registration until the end day, April 17.

On Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22, choose your favourite park, beach, ravine or any other public space that needs a cleanup with family, friends, or neighbours.

As of the time of publishing, here's where registration numbers stand:

  • 350 Community Cleanups
  • 453 School Cleanups
  • 219 Corporate Cleanups
  • 174,717 Volunteers

986d mayor tory and team live green 768x427 1 (Photo courtesy of City of Toronto)

You can register now with the City of Toronto