The mid-January housing market continues to see slower sales activity compared to the first half of December, but 2020 buyers have certainly been busy, reflected in strong year-over-year growth compared to the early 2019 slump with double-digit percentage increases across all home types.

A total of 54 detached houses sold in the City of Toronto, down -30% from December, but up a booming 86% y-o-y. Growth was more subdued, though still very impressive, in the 905 with 248 detached transactions, down -14% m-o-m and up 33% y-o-y. There was similar improvement in the semi-detached house segment with 15 Toronto sales, down -13% m-o-m and up 56% y-o-y. In the 905, a total of 55 sold, up 4% m-o-m and 62% y-o-y.

Townhouses had a strong week in the 416, though the smaller scale of the segment and supply of inventory leads to more volatile swings; a total of 12 units sold, down -45% m-o-m and up double – 100% - y-o-y. In the 905, 45 sold, down -10% m-o-m and up 32% y-o-y. Toronto apartments for sale experienced some of the smallest m-o-m declines of any home type – a total of 103 units sold in the city, down -8% m-o-m and up 29% y-o-y, while 164 sold in the 905, down -7% m-o-m and up 36% y-o-y.

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