How often is Toronto compared to New York?

Well, photographer Nicolas Ruel is looking at this through a different lens — literally.

And you'll get to do the same at his exhibit.

Toronto/New York runs at the Galerie de Bellefeuille in Toronto from May 10 to May 21.

This particular collection, Cityscape, encapsulates the evolution of urbanism through a double exposure of city skylines to juxtapose different cities, moments in time, and landmark architecture.

The unique double exposure used by Ruel combines the architecture, urbanism, and skylines of Toronto against those of New York. These are set to contrast elements of nature to challenge the viewer to see the progression of civilization.

Ruel focusses on a fleeting moment in time, but manages to capture the pulsing life of a sprawling city.

The photog explains, "Toronto and New York were the right combination to present together because they share an outdoor theatricality and an unprecedented urban boom.

“My goal was to capture all of this and present it in a way that when you look at the photos you feel the dynamic life of both cities.”

The project captures eight years of work. It includes Toronto landmarks such as the CN Tower, Queen Street, and the Waterfront. New York is represented by images from the iconic Central Park, Broadway, and the Hudson River.

ruel Photog Nicolas Ruel

While Ruel is from Montreal, his work often features historical landmarks within modern urbanization and has been shown throughout Canada and the world both in public and private collections.

He is also an eight-time recipient of the Grand Prix Lux.

If you're interested in attending the exhibit, you can find the details here.