Neil dankoff headshot Neil Dankoff has mastered the art of mixing photography technique with technology.

Meet the Canadian photographer who captures the most incredible images from his travels around the world. And a Toronto hotel is about to do something spectacular with his work.

Neil Dankoff, a staple in the Toronto art scene, has developed his own style of panoramic, landscape photography that will blow your mind. His use of technique and technology are masterful. And his ability to whisk you into his images is out of this world.

Hotel X Toronto considered several well-known photographers to feature throughout its luxury hotel, but chose only one: Dankoff.

Every floor of the hotel will showcase photos from a specific location. For instance, the seventh floor will be Croatia, the eighth floor Bolivia, and so on. Dankoff was afforded two years to travel the world, capturing images for Hotel X. "I basically completed a 10-year bucket list in two," he tells Storeys.

There will be approximately 800 original photos hanging throughout the hotel, in every room, corridor and lobby. It makes this one of the largest fine art photography transactions in North America.

While you can also find Dankoff's work at Kandy Gallery Toronto (or Kandy Gallery Montreal), he has shared some of his stunning pieces with us — and the stories behind them.


Gulin, China

Epic (All photos courtesy of Neil Dankoff)

I named the photo "Epic" because our guide in Guilin, China kept muttering the word as the sun began to set on what he described as the best photo conditions in the last six months. It's a massive photo consisting of 12 individual photos. Each one of those photos was taken in three varying exposures, as well as three different focal points.

"Ebony Beach"


Ebony beach

A couple years ago, I saw this beautiful but crowded beach at the turn-back point on the "Road to Hana." I recently revisited the location, but stayed the night in Hana so I could return early for a private sunrise shoot.




The Bamboo Forest was on my bucket list — and it did not disappoint. Simply one of those magical places that calls out to photographers.

"Times Square"

New York

Times square

A fun but challenging capture. Again, many combined exposures and focal points were needed to make this image come to life. This 12.5-foot by four-foot piece is featured in both my Montreal and Toronto galleries.


Hotel X

Toronto x 1024x343

This was taken on the rooftop of Hotel X Toronto. This vantage point offers a fantastic, unrestricted view of the city.