Last week, McMaster University unveiled plans to open an event and collaborative learning space at 180 Bloor Street West. The new space is expected to open doors by the end of this year.

And it seems that McMaster's presence in Toronto has come full circle. The university -- originally known as McMaster Hall -- was founded in Toronto in 1887. In 1930, the campus was moved from Toronto to Hamilton.

"While Hamilton will always be home, McMaster’s presence in downtown Toronto will be a place to welcome students, alumni, business, government leaders and the world," says McMaster president David Farrar. "This prime location will give our scholars, researchers, students, alumni and staff a new hub for making connections and tackling local and global issues."

McMaster has come a long way since its time as McMaster Hall. In the institution’s infancy, 135 years ago, programming was limited to arts and theology. Today, McMaster is known for having some of the top engineering, computer science, statistics, and nursing programs in the world.

McMaster's forthcoming Toronto campus will build upon the university's scholastic repute; the 8,000 sq. ft space will include administrative offices, an information centre for prospective students, and spaces for meetings and events. And poetically, it will be across the street from its first location -- 273 Bloor Street West -- which is now the site of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

The architectural features will be inspired by McMaster alumnus Michael Lee-Chin’s Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum. Additionally, the faculties of Business, Engineering and Health Sciences will have a say in the design of the new space.

"The McMaster site at 180 Bloor will produce exciting opportunities to interact with a wide-range of partners on shared initiatives and to build on our success with Toronto-based collaborators," says Heather Sheardown, dean of the Faulty of Engineering. "Student spaces will present the opportunity for short courses and other interactions. We’re very much looking forward to this new environment and the positive experiences it offers for our community and partners."

McMaster University also has locations in downtown Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Niagara.