It's not uncommon to hear tragic stories about cyclists who are run off the road while commuting around the city.

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Unfortunately, many parts of Toronto and its surrounding suburbs still lack bike lanes and aren't exactly cyclist-friendly. It's in these situations where accidents are more likely to occur.

Luckily, there are plenty of neighbourhoods in Toronto that do make cyclist safety and convenience a priority. In these neighbourhoods, cyclists are not only safer but their rides are a lot more enjoyable, too.

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Here's a roundup of the top neighbourhoods in Toronto for cyclists.

Roncesvalles Village

A fabulous place to raise a family while still being close to the downtown core, Roncesvalles village offers everything you'd find in a traditional suburb without having to venture out of the city.

Thanks to the neighbourhoods wide bike lanes and excellent bike share programs, getting around this popular borough is a breeze.


A great neighbourhood filled with cool bars, eateries and textile shops. Parkdale has a healthy mix of housing options, from opulent Victorian homes to more affordable high-rise apartments.

Parkdale is also home to great cycling lanes and bike trails along its slow-speed streets. Avid cyclists can also enjoy leisurely rides along the many trails in nearby High Park and along the nearby waterfront trails.


Nothing beats the Martin Goodman Trail along Lake Ontario. The trail is perfect for cyclists, as well as joggers and dog walkers. This neighbourhood has multiple cycling facilities at your fingertips and the scenery just adds to the plethora of positive traits of this awesome part of town.

Dovercourt Park

With Bloor Street lining Dovercourt Park to the south, there's certainly no shortage of things to see and do in this bustling downtown neighbourhood. Besides the great atmosphere, there are also great bike lanes for cyclists to enjoy.

The quality of the cycling network in this neighbourhood is tough to beat, especially thanks to the lanes along Bloor Street, which are protected by parked cars and rows of greenery. There are even a few bike share stations within close proximity.

Little Italy

While not necessarily on this list because of its top-notch bike lanes, Little Italy makes the cut predominantly because of the sheer volume of cyclists in the neighbourhood. Thanks to the abundance of hotspots within close reach, there's really nowhere in the area that requires transportation other than two wheels.

The well laid-out streets and relatively slow speed zones make cycling in Little Italy quite comfortable and, of course, bike share options are also available.


Like Little Italy, Trinity-Bellwoods is packed with cyclists at all times of the day. With so many shops and attractions within close reach, it's almost easier to get around on bike than by car or bus in this neighbourhood.