There's a reason Toronto is referred to as Hollywood North. Our city has hosted hundreds of productions and now, thanks to the University of Toronto, it's a lot easier to figure out which films and shows were filmed where.

On Tuesday, UofT launched the official Toronto Film Map. The project was inspired by the Toronto Public Library’s literary maps and took nearly four years to create.

The map, which was done in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Media Commons and Map & Data Library, leveraged a graphic information system to make mapping easier and to identify some of the locations.

"By using the city’s 3D Massing Dataset and Address Points open data layers, we were able to identify three-storey houses next door to three-storey houses that have the address number 46... the location was ultimately confirmed by the film’s director," the Toronto Film Map website revealed.

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To keep the map from becoming unwieldy, the university set a few parameters to determine which films should and shouldn't be included on the map.

For starters, the titles must be full-length feature films or television shows set (not just filmed) in Toronto. So no, you won't find Suits, SCTV or Police Academy III on this list. Experimental films and documentaries were also cut.

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Other criteria for making the list include being available to the Media Commons lending collection. Series' and films that are only available via streaming services were also left off the list.

Still, with all those limitations, the map includes hundreds of locations and UofT is looking to add more over time.

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In addition to naming the film/series' title, director and release year, the map also includes a short description in regards to the Toronto connection.  Circulating items in the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue and archival collections are also linked on the map.

Now, if only they'd consider making another map with all of the filming locations in and around the city!