Toronto topped another 'Best of List' and this one is pretty perfect for all the romantics out there.

According to online moving service Movinga, Toronto is the best city in Canada for finding love.

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In collaboration with research company InterNations, Movinga found that 25 per cent of expats relocate for love.

“Millions of people every year migrate for work and education opportunities, but one of the last things on their mind while making that decision is whether they will find love, ” says Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director at Movinga. "While it’s true that you can find love anywhere, in this day and age of data and information, there are some locations where you are statistically more or less likely to find love.”

In Canada, Toronto was found to be the best city for finding love by far. Montreal and Vancouver came in second and third.

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On an international scale, Toronto ranked 24th for finding love. Montreal came in 25th and Vancouver came in 29th. No other Canadian cities made the list.

With Valentine's day right around the corner, this study is welcome news for love-seeking singletons in the city.

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If you're looking for love abroad, you might want to make a stopover in Miami. The American city was named the best city in the world for finding love. London, U.K. and Gothenburg, Sweden came in second and third respectively.

To help rank the cities, Movinga and InterNations analyzed everything from marital status to LGBT+ acceptance to the cost of dating in the city.