To further assist Toronto's most vulnerable residents, the City has acquired hotels and residential buildings as part of it’s 'integrated homelessness response' to COVID-19.

On Sunday, Councillor Joe Cressy, Ward 10, Spadina-Fort York, said the City has acquired five hotels with another five in the process of being secured.


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  • Cressy said two vacant rental buildings are also in the process of being secured, 50 permanent housing units have also been identified, and 19 households have secured permanent housing.

    This acquisition of hotels, private buildings, and permanent housing units are in addition to the nine existing sites the City has already opened to facilitate social distancing within the shelter system.

    Cressy added the City has already provided funding to five community partners that run overnight programs to stay open all day to provide daytime spaces for those experiencing homelessness. Of these sites, two are now open and three others will open shortly.

    "We will continue to work flat out to leave nobody behind," said Cressy, adding that the City is going to continue scaling-up its efforts to protect those who need it most.

    This news comes as advocates say more residents experiencing homelessness are back on the streets as many drop-in and respite sites have closed, while others must limit their numbers inside.

    Ontario News