Whether you're a condo developer seeking guidance with branding for a pre-construction launch, or perhaps you need help coming up with a name for a new development project, you'll likely benefit from booking a strategy session with Channel 13.

Known for its disruptive capabilities, Channel 13 is a full-service creative agency servicing the Greater Toronto Area that, to put it simply, focuses on the power of branding.

Made up of a team of experts, who each bring unique talent to the table, the agency develops creative solutions that help their clients drive real results for their businesses.

From big-picture efforts like strategy, branding, and social media management, down to the nitty-gritty details including community naming, sales office design, and integrated advertising, the agency is trusted by some of the real estate industry’s most influential players. Recent clients include Dream, Graywood Developments, Cabot, and Aoyuan International, just to name a few.

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"We believe that no matter what the deliverable is we are working on (website, ads, brochure, etc.) it all translates back to your brand and the value you bring to your customers as a company," said Riel Sammy, Creative Strategy and Partner at Channel 13.

Sammy explained that having a brand that's both strategically positioned and memorable allows for a company to have an impact with any of the deliverables they want to initiate.

"We believe the key to having a memorable brand is having a sound brand strategy that describes and elevates your Purpose, Product, Positioning, Promise, and Personality," said Sammy, explaining that when you creatively combine these elements, you're able to develop a memorable brand that can be articulated through storytelling in all of your marketing touchpoints.

"The end result is that your brand strategy creates better ROI internally and externally for your business," said Sammy.

However, in order to be a memorable brand that can withstand the test of time, a solid brand strategy needs to be in place -- and that's where Channel 13 comes in.

Ch131Channel 13

A strategy session with Channel 13 opens the door to endless opportunities. While the session will start as an initial 20-minute video call with Sammy, it has the potential to translate into a long-term relationship that will allow a client to develop transformative deliverables, whether that's project planning, sales collateral, social media advertising, or even concept development for your next project.

Sammy explained to STOREYS that the session will start online to ensure both companies align, but as the relationship builds, meetings can move to in-person.

Ch132Channel 13

During the strategy session, Sammy will ask the client a series of questions that will help him understand them, and their company's ethos, better. For example, Sammy said he might start by asking a client to describe their organization, or have them share their story. He'll also ask who their ideal customer base is, as well as about the unique challenges the business faces, and the pain points its customers come up against.

This deep dive into "who" the company is creates insight into how Channel 13 can more effectively communicate to the client's customers and make them resonate; how they can best be an advocate for the client's brand.

During the strategy session, Channel 13 also focuses on determining:

  • Target customer profile
  • Review of brand architecture to create insight into how to organize and optimize offerings
  • A review of competition, for optimal positioning of company/product in the market
  • Defining a brand implementation plan to prioritize all brand-building activities. Riel says this helps Channel 13 learn how to help the builder/developer to sell more, create better awareness, align with strategic partners on a deeper level, or make them relevant again if they have been inactive in a sector. 

Ch134Channel 13

"Oftentimes we end up uncovering some issues which we typically recommend working through our strategic insight process, which helps us to take the time to really dive deep and help with positioning or repositioning a company's brand," said Sammy.

Sammy also noted that the initial call will help him determine if Channel 13 and the potential client are the right fit. "We're not looking for volume," Sammy said.

Rather, it's quite the opposite; the saying "quality over quantity" couldn't be truer about Channel 13.

Sammy explained to STOREYS that Channel 13 is looking to build long-term relationships with clients that are also seeking a lasting partnership, in which they can work through their vision and approach together.

Ch133Channel 13

If you're tired of creating lacklustre deliverables that struggle to exceed your goals, and you're ready to develop creative solutions that will drive real results for your business, it might be time to schedule a strategy session with Channel 13.

And trust us, you'll leave the session thinking to yourself, 'finally, a meeting that couldn't have simply been an email.'

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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