Moving can suck. Moving in the middle of winter can really suck. The thought of a winter move can cause a shiver of fear in the hearts of any new homeowner.

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But a good strategy, a pair of good winter boots, and some mulled wine waiting at the end can make your winter move a lot less painful.

To help your winter move go smooth, be sure to reference these handy tips in advance:

1. Make Sure Your Utilities Are On In The New Place

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There is literally nothing worse than moving into your dream home only to be stuck in the dark and cold. Make sure you have your utilities set up and running a few days before the move so that when you arrive the new place is well lit and cozy.

2. Protect Your Floors

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Those gorgeous hardwood floors won't last long if people are trekking in their snow and ice covered boots. To avoid this issue, consider hiring a dedicated "indoor" mover (or movers) who isn't wearing shoes to bring boxes and items into the house from the front door. Or, you can grab a couple of cheap tarps to cover the areas where movers are more likely to walk.

3. Shovel & Salt Thoroughly

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Shovel everything. Shovel sidewalks, walkways, stairs, entryways and driveways. Shovel everything you can think of at both houses, and be generous with the salt. The last thing you need is to be slipping and sliding with your Smart TV in your hands. Bonus points for grabbing biodegradable salt!

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4. Double Wrap Your Breakable Items

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When some fragile items get cold, they get brittle and break more easily. Double wrap your fragile items with an extra layer of paper to make sure everything makes it in one piece. Also be sure to organize your packing order so that more sensitive items get moved last.

5. Make A Plan For Your Kids, Pets, and Plants

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Kids, pets, and plants, are three things that don't do well when left in the cold. Board your kids, drop the pets off at a sitter and make sure your plants are either moved in a warm car or a heated moving truck.

6. Make A Car List V.S. Truck List

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Speaking of things that don't do well left in the cold, your electronics are definitely one of them. Make a list of things that absolutely need to be moved in the warm embrace of your car and make sure they get priority.

7. Start Early

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In this scenario, start early means two things. It means you need to pack your stuff well before your move date, and that your moving day start time also needs to be super early. If you start packing early you can cut down on the time it takes to load, meaning you and your team of helpers don't have to be out in the cold all day because things need to be rearranged. It also gives you more time to be flexible with your moving day if a huge storm is coming in. Similarly, by starting your move time early, you have more light for the bulk of the move plus more flexibility to take your time on slippery roads.

8. Know What's Going Where

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Label your boxes and organize them well so it's just a drag and drop when you get to the new place. You don't want to have to have people, furniture, or boxes out in the cold for longer than necessary. Pro tip: If you're buying new boxes, use different coloured boxes to coordinate your items for the main floor, second floor, basement, etc. this will make identifying what box goes where much easier.

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9. Tip Well.

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Whether you hire professionals or ask friends for help. Show your appreciation. They probably earned it.