Well, this new First Class suite certainly takes flying — and homey living — to new altitudes.

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class suite gives you all the comforts of home, plus many of the comforts you may not have in your home. For instance, can your home transport you overseas and offer you breakfast in bed simultaneously?

What? Two connected beds with two TVs? No fighting over the remote anymore. Sorry, divorce lawyers. This could reduce your caseload.


With bedrooms like these travelling could become your new destination.

Don't forget, you don't just get this amazing space, you also get a flight attendant at your constant service.

Are those pajamas? This is too much now. Well, really it isn't. Give us more! MORE! (See how quickly we get spoiled?)

Oh, a "small" space. Or as they call this in economy class, "Shut up."

That chair is bigger than a chair in typical executive. Oh, executive class. Remember when that was cool?

Welcome to Prince's futuristic washroom.