It’s one thing to go through the painstaking process of lead generation, which often yields few fruits... but converting those leads is a whole other ball game.

This is something AVESDO understands all too well, as the company specializes in helping new-home real estate professionals overcome the common problem.

As an extension of the firm’s sales and on-boarding processes, AVESDO advises on the creation of sales and marketing strategies for its clients, with an aim to maximize their strategy in whichever of Toronto’s neighbourhoods they are selling.

Additionally, AVESDO trains its clients so the use of their technology matches their desired outcome.

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Naturally, selling in Canada’s largest city -- which feels like it’s composed of innumerable neighbourhoods that have their own intricate ecosystems -- requires intimate knowledge of every one of its areas. This includes considering who the demographics are, how desirable certain catchment areas are, and more.

Available to developers and sales companies, the AVESDO Transaction Management Software (TMS) provides a way to track sales through unique processes, gathering significant data. The next step from Customer Relationships Management (CRM), the TMS discards nary a morsel of information while engaging popular email marketing engines typically found in run-of-the-mill CRMs, as well as with 3D digital buying experiences, which creates seamless transactions. 

Using real-time data, tracking, and downloadable reports across any given project, inefficiencies and unknowns that have long plagued developments can be eliminated. When brokerages are aligned with developers or sales companies working with AVESDO, the brokers on their teams will benefit from this unique and thorough system.  

The benefits to AVESDO’s TMS are manifold: with over 300 data points, the firm creates data-driven intelligence, trends and insights that can be applied to both present and future projects. In doing so, better strategic decisions are exponentially easier to realize.

Within the AVESDO TMS, a functionality dubbed“Teams” enables inventory to be shared amongst a trusted group of individuals, making insight- and material-sharing easier for developers, project marketing firms, brokerages, and realtors alike. For realtors and brokers specifically, benefits include visibility, the assurance of team credit for deals brought in, and knowledge of your own team’s top sellers, among others.

What’s more, brokerages and realtors gain from the AVESDO TMS’ “Selection Worksheets Process.” Described as “an expression of interest to purchase a unit within a project prior to public launch,” worksheets are prepared and submitted ahead of allocations, and serve to lay the foundation of decision-making for the allocations process. Indicating a potential purchaser’s suite preferences, the worksheet is submitted by a broker or realtor to the project’s developer. The system works both ways: developers utilize worksheets to analyze demand and ultimately maximize both allocations and revenue, while brokers and realtors use them in an effort to secure preferred units and prices for purchasers. By digitizing this process, AVESDO TMS makes it easy for developers to process large numbers of worksheets to maximize yield, and ultimately simplifies the process for realtors and buyers alike.

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By consolidating documentation for realtor clients, and storing all these documents in one centralized location, misplacements and other sources of confusion are avoided while processes are streamlined. 

AVESDO’s ultimate goal is to help its clients sell more homes, faster, while at the same time mitigating risks to their businesses. By empowering developer sales teams with data in real-time, and advice rooted in years of industry experience combined with a unique view of tens of thousands of transactions yearly, AVESDO is gaining ground as a secret weapon for today’s savvy developers.  Collectively, AVESDO’s senior leadership and sales advisors bring over 200 years of real estate experience across a host of Canadian markets to the table. The company, built by new-home real estate lawyers, is well equipped to shepherd clients through the risks and strategies specific to new home sales.

While it's long been said that "you can't please everyone," AVESDO is poised to help brokers dismantle that adage.

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