Drake may have a paid a fortune for his customized Raptors championship ring from Jason of Beverly Hills. But now you can purchase a replica of the team's own rings online.

And they aren’t cheap.

The 20,000 fans who attended the Raptors’ home opener Tuesday night to see the game and watch the pre-game ceremonies honouring the NBA champs got some swag: a commemorative championship T-shirt and replica ring.

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The rings given to the Raptors have more than 640 diamonds and 16 rubies each. Champagne Papi got one of those as well.

And now the replica rings are selling out online. Some listings on eBay have the cheapest replica ring listed for $75 with prices rising to $500.

Meanwhile, on Kijiji, the fan ring goes for between $50 to $250. On Facebook Marketplace – it’ll cost you $100.

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Real Sports had them listed at $20. A steal. But now they’re gone.

Baron Championship Rings is offering a stunning 10-karat ring for $395 and $4,950 for a top of the line copy.

Or, you could just call Jeffrey of Beverly Hills and say, “I’ll have what Drake had.”

That'll be $150,000 please.